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CPAP vs VPAP vs BIPAP vs Auto Servo Ventilation

A majority of children and adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea enter treatment with continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPAP). If sleep apnea is suspected in a case, the doctor will most likely order a sleep study to confirm their diagnosis. Based on the results obtained in this way...

All About ResMed

ResMed is focused on expanding attention to the risks of untreated SDB, supporting progressive investigation into the connection of SDB with other wellbeing hazards, discovering compelling clinical answers for improving the wellbeing and lives of SDB patients. Searching for an organisation that shows itself and developed through natural development, A growing group of logical proof, ...

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CPAP pressure control

The (CPAP pressure control) Too high? Too low? Exactly right! Your apnoea and snoring are very well controlled if your CPAP pressure is too high. However, you may experience results such as dry mouth, mask leaks and general strain. On the other hand, your apnoea and snoring are not very well controlled if your CPAP pressure is too low and you may ...

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