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Respironics PRO Nuance nasal gel cushion mask All sizes with headgear

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Respironics PRO Nuance nasal gel cushion mask All sizes with headgear

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Respironics PRO Nuance nasal gel cushion mask All sizes with headgear

The Philips Respironics Nuance Pro CPAP mask with nasal cannula pads is the first of its kind for the minimum exposure time type. gel technology, Philips Respironics offers a new dimension in comfort and sealing, as well as a lightweight and minimalist design through use. Nuance Pro also uses a frame with silicone gel inserts at cheek level to provide more than the Nuance counterpart. The gel ring is soft and flexible to adapt to the shape of the nose. The three types of noses olivette, packed with the mask, allows the user to choose the optimal size for his nose. To extend the life of the mask, various spare parts are available.

Nuance Pro - Frame with silicone gel inserts

The Nuance Pro frame is made of transparent and flexible silicone gel with inserts at the level of the cheeks. The gel pads are firmly attached to the frame and cannot be removed. The headgear was designed with velcro straps, which are bound in silicone into the frame. Note: The frame with silicone gel pads with Nuance Pro is not compatible with the Nuance headgear.

Short circuit and flexible circuit

The circuits (tubes) Nuance and Nuance Pro are very flexible and lightweight. It forms a buffer between the lumbar spine and the nasal olivettegel, allowing freedom of movement during sleep without the risk of turning towards the tube. The connecting part of the short pipe is pivoted, so that the pipe can be connected easily and conveniently. The short tube is attached to the corresponding section of the bearing, which is inserted into the shell of the frame. The gel cushion fits comfortably in this special room.

The headgear of Nuance and Nuance Pro allows you to put them in a position that you can hold over your head and allows you to move freely without moving them while you sleep.

Micro exhalation holes

The contra-angle handpiece in nuances and shades is equipped with micro exhalation holes to facilitate the flow of breath. The holes are angled in the direction of the pipe; therefore, when the pipe is mounted above the head, the holes are facing upwards. In this case the pipe is released.

<br/> Nuance and Nuance Pro Reading Masks consist of only four parts to facilitate maintenance. The bearing construction does not include a front to support the user's view. shade and nuance

div> What is the difference between Nuance and Nuance Pro?

The only detail that distinguishes these masks is the material that forms the structure of the mask itself. Nuance uses the soft tissue to demonstrate its strength and ease of use.

What is the difference between a bearing and a silicone gel?


Silicone has the advantage that it is extremely light and can be shaped into a relatively thin pillow. Unfortunately 100% adhesion to the face.

Making it more flexible and adaptable. Obviously, the bearing can be much heavier than its counterpart, more frequent and more cumbersome and does not tolerate the patient's deficiencies.

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