Philips Respironics Amara View Full Face Mask


Philips Respironics Amara View

Comfortable and effective sleep apnoea therapy is just a stable mask away - the Philips Respironics Amara View fit pack full face CPIP mask features adjustable headgear.

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Brief overview Amara View fit pack full face mask

The Amara View fit pack full face mask with headgear Fit Pack from Philips Respironics is an original design that uses a rectangular opening in the nasal pillow to deliver therapy air through the nose.

The mask is located under the nostrils to allow unobstructed vision and the headgear, together with the mask, provides a seal under the nostrils and mouth, eliminating the need for a traditional forehead support.


  • Open View Design
  • Original nasal pillow
  • Short tube with elbow and swivel
  • Universal mask frame & all cushion sizes included
  • Adjustable headgear with quick release fasteners
  • Open View Design

The Amara View fit pack Full Face Mask is supported by a headgear that extends from the front of the mask frame to the crown of the head. The headgear can be adjusted to ensure that the mask has a strong seal under the nostrils and around the mouth.

When the mask is positioned correctly, the forehead support is no longer needed. The minimal contact design provides a wide field of vision and makes it easier to watch TV and read before bed. Those who suffer from claustrophobia can feel comfortable in the Amara View full face mask.

Original nasal pillow

A rectangular opening at the top of the full face pillow is designed to provide the required pressure without irritating the nostrils. Gently slide through the nostril opening under the nose to find the desired fit. Please note: The user must keep the nose above the hole to avoid interference with CPAP therapy.

Short tube with elbow and swivel

The Respironics short tube for the Amara View extends from the mask frame to the cuff of the CPAP tube.

The integrated elbow is attached to the mask frame, while the swivel is connected to the user's CPAP tube cuff.

The 360-degree movement of the swivel reduces the pull on the CPAP tubing and increases flexibility and mobility, which can lead to a stronger seal overnight.

Universal mask frame & all cushion sizes included

The Amara View mask frame offers a universal fit for all cushion sizes, including small, medium and large.

As the Fit Pack offers all three cushion sizes, it is easy to attach each cushion to the frame to find the perfect fit.

This feature is convenient and allows cushions to be tested and replaced without having to purchase a new mask system. When a replacement cushion is needed, select the exact cushion and replace it.

Adjustable headgear with quick release fasteners

The Amara View mask has a unique headgear design with five adjustment points. There are four adjustment points around the mask frame. The crown strap, which crosses directly over the top of the head to form a halo shape, has the additional adjustment point.

This design is intended to promote a more secure hold and a more even distribution of pressure.

Waking up in the middle of the night can be frustrating, but quick-release headgear clips are designed to maintain the shape of the headgear throughout sleep therapy, even when the mask is removed.

With the clips, the Amara View full-face CPAP mask can be quickly attached and removed in one quick movement.

Amara View Mask Comfortable Headgear with Magnetic Clips

The headgear included is soft, stretchy and breathable. This means you can wear it comfortably for up to six months before it wears out.

The five adjustable Velcro straps allow the user to find the perfect fit every time, regardless of their face shape.

Magnetic clips attach the headgear to the cushion and make it easy to put on and take off the Amara View full face mask.

Amara View is a full face mask with minimal contact that provides therapy through the nose and mouth while minimising facial contact.

Before using the Amara View mask, connect the mask to your device and turn on the air to check that the anti-asphyxia valve is working properly.

The flap should lie flat to allow room air to flow in and out, and then rise to cover the air inlet when a CPAP or bilevel machine is delivering air.

Philip Respironics Amara View View features of the full face mask:

  • Small and lightweight full face mask creates minimal contact with the face
  • Avoids the red marks and irritation on the bridge of the nose common with typical full face masks.
  • Innovative design offers the user a wide field of vision
    Provides space for wearing glasses, reading and watching TV or tablet in bed
  • Modular standard frame for all three cushion sizes
  • Comfortable fabric headgear with four-point contact ensures a secure fit and easy adjustment
  • Compact design prevents cushion and frame from displacing patient's face and eyes

Philips Respironics amara view replacement parts Mask fitting tips

  • Loosen the headgear to the largest setting before using the mask for the first time.
  • Separate the headband clips from the frame by turning them backwards.
  • The mask fits directly under your nose and over your lips on your face.
  • Place the mask over the cushion, not through the nostril.
  • Slide the headgear over your head by holding the pillow against your face.
  • Slide the mask cushion up so that the wide opening is over the mouth.
  • Press the headgear clips into position while the mask is in place.
    Adjust the upper and lower side straps by pulling the tabs.
    The headgear should feel loose and comfortable.
  • Watch out for over-tightening, which is a common mistake.

Philips Respironics Amara View the innovative full face mask

With the Amara View full face mask Philips Respironics has developed an innovative and comfortable mask that it claims is smaller and lighter than full face masks from other manufacturers. The cushion of the Philips Respironics Amara View full face mask provides a perfect seal with its innovative and unique design.

The advantage is that the cushion of the Amara View full-face mask already seals directly under and not above the nose. This avoids annoying pressure points and discomfort such as irritation on the bridge of the nose.

Philips Respironics Amara View with minimal facial coverage

The minimal face coverage of this full face mask gives you a clear field of vision during your CPAP therapy. This means you can relax before going to bed for your evening ritual with a CPAP mask: With the mask on, you can wear glasses, read or watch TV without being disturbed.

The Amara View full face mask is easy to use

The Philips Respironics CPAP mask is also easy to use. It has headgear clips that allow you to put the mask on and take it off quickly. Another advantage is that there is only one mask frame for all mask cushions, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Comfort comes first

The Philips Respironics Amara View full face mask is not only innovative, but also very comfortable. This is mainly due to the soft and adaptable headgear, which ensures an optimal fit of the mask. Cleaning the CPAP mask is quick and easy. This is because the Amara View consists of only a few individual parts and there is no need for cumbersome disassembly and reassembly with this mask.


How do I clean my Philips Respironics Amara View full face mask?
It is recommended that the CPAP mask is cleaned daily to prevent the build-up of bacteria and viruses. You do not need to remove the headgear to clean the Amara View full-face mask daily. 1. Clean the mask and headgear in warm water with a liquid detergent, e.g. ResMed Cleaning Spray for CPAP Masks.

Then rinse everything thoroughly under running water.

3. hang the mask out to air dry. It should be completely dry before the next use.

4. lay the headband flat on a mat to dry or hang it up as well.

5. do not put the headgear in the tumble dryer. Clean the mask by hand before first use and after daily use. The headband should be hand washed weekly.


Mask size

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