ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto With moist air


Resmed AirCurve 10 vpap auto

The ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto is the next advancement in bi-level therapy. It uses ResMed's advanced algorithm to adjust pressure on inhalation and exhalation to increase comfort and patient compliance while keeping the airway open.

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The Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto is an auto-adjusting bilevel device that uses the convenience of the AutoSet algorithm and Easy-Breathe waveform in its VAuto algorithm to treat obstructive sleep apnea patients who can benefit from greater pressure support.

Brief overview Resmed AirCurve 10 Vauto

Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto devices offer advanced settings that make sleep apnoea treatment more comfortable. Each model also offers myAir access to help you stay on track during your sleep apnoea treatment.

The AirCurve 10 S is ideal for sleep apnoea patients who have difficulty adjusting to sleep apnoea therapy with a continuous fixed pressure device and for patients who need additional pressure support.

This bilevel machine has two different adjustable response pressures that make therapy feel more comfortable. An integrated humidifier simplifies setting up the machine and makes therapy easier.

The AirCurve 10 VAuto adjusts the base pressure to keep the airway open while maintaining firm pressure support

Other properties

TiControl allows you to set minimum and maximum time limits on either side of the patient's spontaneous flow cycle, giving the patient the ability to change breaths spontaneously if needed with the assurance of timely intervention.

An adjustable trigger and cycle can be used to optimise synchrony between the device and the patient's breathing attempts.

Vsync's continuous leakage management enables reliable delivery of therapy pressure while maintaining patient-device synchronicity.

Compatible with up to 15 l / min of supplemental oxygen in S and CPAP mode and 4 l / min in VAuto mode.

With AirView, a cloud-based ResMed patient management system, you can access nightly therapy data, troubleshoot remotely (using the remote assist feature) and change device settings remotely.

To use the ResMed BiPAP AirCurve 10 VAuto device

The AirCurve 10 VAuto machine consists of various parts. To assemble the AirCurve 10 VAuto parts correctly, follow the instructions below.

So you have bought the ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto devicefor your BiPAP therapy and you open the box. You see a whole bunch of parts and pieces that you don't really understand, huh?

Don't worry! Here you will find detailed instructions with videos on how to use your AirCurve 10 VAuto. For additional information, you can also read the official AirCurve 10 VAuto manual.

A more advanced device option would be an APAP machine, which is similar to the CPAP machine except that it automatically adjusts the pressure to the patient's specific needs instead of delivering a constant, continuous pressure.

The next level of sleep apnoea machines is a bilevel machine. These are more technologically advanced devices that are often prescribed to patients with more complex diagnoses.

This article introduces the popular ResMed bilevel machine known as the ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto.

What is a bilevel machine?

As the name suggests, a bilevel device is an automatically adjusting device with two therapy levels: one level when the patient breathes in and another when the patient breathes out. A bilevel device works similarly to a medical ventilator.

This device can be used for any patient, but because of its complex technology, it is often reserved for patients who have more complex medical needs for sleep apnoea, such as requires assisted breathing.

Setup with humidifier

Take the unit out of the bag, place it on a flat surface, connect the power supply and plug it in.

Remove the humidifier, open it and fill it with distilled water up to the maximum water level mark. Close the top and slide it into the side of the machine.

If you have a SlimLine Tube, simply connect it to the connection port. If you have a heated

ClimateLineAir hose, hold it by the orange sleeve, align it with the

connection socket and press it until it clicks into place.
Attach your mask.

Press the start button and you are ready for a restful sleep!


Mask cleansing

Cleanse your mask every morning after using it at night to remove dirt and facial oils.

Wash your mask by hand with a mild soap. Dry in a shady place

Cleaning the humidifier

Rinse the water tray daily after use with a mild detergent and warm water. Dry in a shady place.

Check your humidifier regularly. If there are turbidity cracks, replace your tub.

Check the 'Supplies' section to keep track of when you need to replace your consumables.

AirSense 10 Cleaning

Check the air filter regularly. If there are holes or dust deposits, replace the filter.

Read the section "Replenishment" to keep track of when you should replace your consumables.

Times have changed. Phones don't just text and call anymore - they access the internet, games and photos. So don't be surprised that AirCurve 10 VAuto doesn't just pump air. That's right. It has advanced features, as described here.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Tips & Troubleshooting for Resmed Aircube 10 VAuto, To maintain use, ResMed recommends cleaning the machine weekly with a mild detergent. It is not recommended to put the machine or its parts in the dishwasher. The water tray should also be checked regularly for cracks or debris.

A common problem is condensation inside the hose or mask. This often occurs when humidification levels are too high. Similarly, patients may complain of dryness and/or irritation of the mouth and nose. This is often associated with humidification settings that are too low. Users may need to try to find the humidification level that works best for them or purchase the ClimateLineAir to automatically adjust their humidification level.

Overall, this is a great device with a long history of patient satisfaction. ResMed is known for making user-friendly products. If you have further questions about your device, you can contact your provider or the staff at Sleep Resolutions for an expert opinion.

Resmed AirCurve 10 includes:

ResMed Aircure 10 VAuto with HumidAir Heated Humidifier
SD card
padded travel case
12 filters
Power cord
2 years warranty

All details Resmed AirCurve 10 Vauto

The ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto with HumidAir by ResMed is a technologically advanced VPAP device designed to help patients with difficult cases of sleep apnoea.

Thanks to numerous helpful features, you get optimal therapy. It is also light enough to travel with and robust enough to withstand countless hours of use.

AirCurve with integrated HumidAir system

First-class VPAP with innovative functions

ResMed's AirCurve 10 VAuto device with HumidAir System is a technologically advanced VPAP device that delivers exceptional results with minimal discomfort.

With its numerous performance and comfort-enhancing features, the AirCurve 10 has been specifically designed to meet the complex needs of the user with sleep apnoea.

This Resmed AirCurve 10 Vauto device is an ideal option for patients who require above average pressure support to create an effective therapy session.

The Resmed AirCurve 10 is able to respond to the specific pressure requirements of individual patients and provide a personalised therapeutic experience.

Operating modes

The Resmed AirCurve 10 has three operating modes CPAP, Bi-Level and Spontaneous (S). When using Bi-Level mode, the AirCurve can detect your specific breathing pattern and automatically make adjustments to provide ideal pressure levels throughout therapy.

Patients also have access to Spontaneous Mode (S), which is functionally different and allows the user to exercise more control by setting minimum and maximum time limits during spontaneous breathing.

Finally, the AirCurve 10 VAuto offers a CPAP mode so patients can access conventional CPAP therapy.

Easy-Breathe waveform technology with EPR

Easy-Breathe waveform technology provides patients with highly detailed personalised therapy.

The Easy-Breathe waveform is able to recognise your specific needs as determined by your individual breathing effort during sleep; this differentiates the Resmed AirCurve 10 waveform from other waveform technologies that typically mimic the patient's flow pattern.

It also has expiratory pressure relief (EPR), which lowers the pressure on exhalation and then raises it back to normal on inhalation to provide lasting relief.

Automatic start/stop

The Resmed AirCurve 10 has SmartStart and SmartStop features that make it easy to turn your machine on and off.

With SmartStart, your device will start working at the exact moment you breathe into your mask. and with SmartStop, your AirCurve device will stop working as soon as you remove your mask.

These automatic start/stop functions make it easier for patients to operate their unit and also help to save electricity.

Ramp function

The ramp function of the Resmed AirCurve 10 Resmed VPAP Auto allows patients to fall asleep more naturally without disturbing the artificial pressure levels of the therapy.

The ramp function allows patients to delay the onset of pressure for up to 45 minutes; this provides patients with a window of time to fall asleep before they become aware of the pressure generated by the machine.

Patients can manipulate this function so that the pressure starts between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on their preference. This is ideal for patients who are just becoming familiar with the pressure requirements of therapy.

Vsync leak management and TiControl

Vsync is a complex algorithm that helps you monitor your breathing behaviour and maintain the desired pressure level during therapy.

It is able to detect unintentional mask leaks and then compensate for them; therefore, Vsync is an excellent tool to ensure better synchrony between patient and ventilator and to ensure stable pressure throughout therapy.

This algorithm works in conjunction with TiControl, a special mechanism that allows patients to artificially set time limits on their spontaneous flow cycles; creating such limits allows patients to more effectively address problems that may arise, such as inefficient breathing.

Note: This unit CANNOT deliver timed air. It is NOT a VPAP ST unit and does NOT use a backup rate setting.

Pressure range

The AirCurve 10 has a pressure range of 3-25cm H2O. This range is wider than conventional CPAP machines and gives patients access to higher pressure levels that may be needed.

To treat complex cases of sleep apnoea that cannot be treated with a standard CPAP, higher pressure levels are usually required.

Mask adjustment function

Creating a secure seal is an essential part of successful sleep apnoea therapy. The AirCurve 10, with its special "mask fitting" function, helps the patient to know that they have created a high quality seal.

The AirCurve 10 st Resmed VPAP Auto can determine if your mask fits correctly (and consequently has a sufficient seal) and displays the quality of your fit on its screen a happy face indicates a desirable fit, while a frown indicates further adjustment is necessary.

Intuitive design

The Resmed AirCurve 10 features an intuitive and straightforward design and is remarkably easy to use.

This Resmed VPAP Auto device has a brightly lit screen with large buttons and dials. Conveniently, the screen on this unit has the ability to automatically adjust the brightness to the available environment.

Advanced humidifier technology for improved therapy comfort

The HumidAir humidifier built directly into the Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto provides even humidification and automatically adjusts the humidification level to the room temperature.

You can easily adjust the humidification level and set the desired amount of humidity using eight setting options.

To further optimise heated humidification with the Humidair humidifier, you should also use a heated hose.

Properties AirCurve 10 st

  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Pressure range 3-25cm H2O
  • Including 3-metre pipe
  • AutoSet technology
  • Car ramp function
  • Leak alarm
  • TiControl
  • Fixed pressure support
  • Integrated HumidAir humidifier with Climate Control and ClimateLine
  • Provides auto-adjusting bi-level and spontaneous mode (S)
  • Comes with travel bag and power supply unit
  • Comes with data card and radio module
  • Adjustable trigger and cycle sensitivity
  • Easy-Breathe waveform technology
  • SmartStart/SmartStop functions
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)
  • Improved automatic climate control
  • Vsync Auto Leak Management

Basic information about AirCurve 10 Vauto models

Resmed AirCurve 10 Vauto has grade quality like:

AirCurve 10 S

This is a two-stage fixed pressure device for obstructive sleep apnoea, which means it provides a constant pressure for inhalation and another for exhalation, set by your doctor.

AirCurve 10 ASV

Designed for central sleep apnoea, this bilevel adapts to your individual breathing patterns that change during the night.

Its clinically proven algorithm, called adaptive servoventilation (ASV), detects when you stop breathing and delivers a breath.

Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto

This is an automatically adjusting bilevel machine for obstructive sleep apnoea, which means it changes the airflow pressure for inhalation and exhalation according to your needs.

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